Practical Sadhana
How one puts into practice the scriptural principles they have learned is presented and discussed in these articles, including the guidelines to practice devotion to God exclusively and selflessly.
My Beloved is Shri Krishna of Vrindavan
Our ishta dev should be that form of God which gives the highest bliss.Read more »
Neither Love nor Hate in the World
It is absolutely necessary to purify your heart.Read more »
The Last Post
Give up this careless attitude and engage in sadhana.Read more »
Importance and Role of a Guru
We will aim to learn what is revealed about guru tattva in the Vedas.Read more »
Prema Rasa Siddhanta
Prema Rasa SiddhantaLanguage :English
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Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)
Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)Language :English
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