Prema Rasa Siddhanta
Prema Rasa SiddhantaLanguage :English
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Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)
Prema Rasa Madira (Vol. I - III)Language :English
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kamana kabhu mitai na govinda radhe, hari guru seva ki kamana bana de
Part - 1
Desires are of five kinds, related to the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The whole world provides the subjects for these five senses. Since eternity, we have been enjoying the sense objects of the five senses. One sense alone has millions of subjects. For example, someone may ask, “Have you seen America?” If that person says, “Yes, I saw all of it,” he could then be asked, “Well, have you been to every city, seen every road, been to every house, seen each and every room in those houses and every item that was in each of those rooms?” He will say, “Oh! How is that possible?” But even if he had seen all this, his desire to see more is still not satisfied. Afterwards he will still desire to visit the moon. After this, he will desire to have a look at the sun. After this, he will want to enter the celestial abode.

Once there was a king on this Earth whose name was Trishanku. He had a desire to physically see the celestial abodes. He went to Sage Vishvamitra and rendered service to him. Vishvamitra was pleased with Trishanku’s dedication so he said, “What do you want? Tell me.” Trishanku said, “I want to see the celestial abodes.” Vishvamitra said, “People see the celestial abodes only after death, because a celestial body is different from a human body, and that is required to go there.” Trishanku said, “I don’t care! I want to see it with this body!” Vishvamitra said, “Alright. Although this is against scriptural rules, on the strength of the power I have gained through my spiritual practice, I will make you enter the celestial abodes.”

Sage Vashistha found out that Vishvamitra was going to perform this prohibited action. He knew this would not only spoil the purity of their lineage, but afterwards people would start demanding left and right to be sent to the celestial abodes. When Vishvamitra sent Trishanku upwards with his spiritual power, Vashistha countered that with his own power, and Trishanku began to fall. Vishvamitra blocked Vashistha’s power and again sent Trishanku upwards, but Vashistha’s power was greater, so Trishanku remained suspended between the celestial abodes and the Earth. Vishvamitra decided that if Trishanku couldn’t enter the celestial abodes, he would make a new one for him where he was stuck.

An English translation of a discourse delivered in Hindi by:
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
27 June 2007
Austin, Texas USA
© Radha Govind Samiti

to be continued next week...
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